build website traffic

Website Traffic Basics

Search Engine Optimisation

This is a great source of traffic because it is free and once set up the traffic can keep on coming. Although it’s free from a financial standpoint, it’s not free from a time aspect, and of course time means money. For some SEO basics see my post What SEO Do I Do?

Paid Adverts

You can get advertising for your website from Google Adwords, Bing and Facebook. Some of these advertisers can be very fussy. If you cross any of their rules they will just drop you like a hot potato, and it can be very difficult to get your account opened again. Bing is more friendly for the new user.

Be willing to pay out good money for your advertising. It’s not always a quick option. You may need to spend some time experimenting with your ad content and images to see what works over a period of time.

Social Networks

This also is great free traffic source, but again takes time to build up. Facebook and Twitter are still good sites to use.

Apart from posting your latest website content to your chosen social network, interaction is also needed. Follow others who may be interested in your site; many will follow you back. Comment on others posts, retweet other users posts. Don’t just post your own content, but post content from other websites if you feel it will be useful for your followers. This simple process of meaningful interaction will get your site found by others.

Solo Ads

Solo ads are another form of paid advertising. Many Internet marketers have built up very large lists of email subscribers, and are willing to send emails out to these lists to promote your site. Try Udimi. I am an affiliate for Udimi.