How Do I Build A Website?

The best way to start building your website is to get some hosting.

I use Bluehost as they are very reliable and professional. Sign up for the Plus plan as this will allow you to build as many websites as you want. If you are completely new to site building you could aim to build two sites, the first one as a dummy site to make your mistakes on and the second as your real business.

After selecting the Plus plan you will be asked to choose a domain name. Then you will create an account. You will be offered some extras. A useful extra is domain privacy.

Installing WordPress

Once you have set up your account you will want to install WordPress on it. During the set up process you may be asked if you want to install WordPress. If so, select it.  If not, go to your control panel and find the install WordPress button.

The set up process may change from time to time, but the basics are much the same. Choose a hosting plan, choose a domain, create your account and then install WordPress. Make a note of any usernames and passwords you create.

Don’t be frightened of it. There is nothing that can go wrong that can’t be sorted. The Bluehost support are always there to help you through any problems.

Once WordPress is installed spend some time familiarising yourself with the various Bluehost and WordPress features. The best way to learn is by using the features. Learn from your mistakes. I would recommend building a trial website as a training exercise, and once you know what you are doing start on your proper site. View your trial site as a fun learning exercise.

Once you have created several posts it is time to hit the publish button.

It is also possible to run an online business without a website. This can be done by simply sharing free content on social networks. This must be one of the easiest ways to make a profit online. You use this free cloud-based software Affiliate Content Profit App.