Patric Chan teaches affiliate marketing

3 Steps To Online Success

The three steps to online success are, build a list, interact with your list and then sell to your list.

Build A List

This means building a list of people who subscribe to a series of emails that you have created. Your emails will provide valuable information to your subscribers on the topic of your business. It is best if your emails are sent out automatically so that a new subscriber can receive your information immediately after they subscribe. The tool that makes this possible is called an autoresponder.

I recommend Aweber.  I am an affiliate for them.

Interact With Your List

Interacting with your list means sending them tailored information that will help them find a solution  to a problem or an answer to a question. Tell your list of subscribers a bit about  who you are so that they can get to know you. As they get to know you, and hopefully get to like you, they will also start to trust you.

Send Product Offers To Your List

When your list of subscribers have built up a trust in you they will then be more likely to buy from you. You can then email them product offers that they can buy. A lot of marketers fail to do this.

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