Patric Chan teaches affiliate marketing

3 Steps To Online Success

The three steps to online success are, build a list, interact with your list and then sell to your list. Build A List This means building a list of people who subscribe to a series of emails that you have created. Your emails will provide valuable information to your subscribers on the topic of your business. It is best if your emails are sent out automatically so that a new… Read Article →

Are you doing CPA marketing? (free training videos)

The easiest way to make money on the web is probably through CPA Marketing. You can get free access to 16 step-by-step training videos to show you how to start making money online through CPA offers today.. You can be generating a new income stream by getting leads for companies – CPA Machine will teach you how…. Get your training videos for free NOW: CPA Cash Machine Offer If you’re… Read Article →

Super Affiliate Training Course

Gurus Hiding Secrets

Have you been learning how to make money online, but still couldn’t make your first dollar online… Or couldn’t seems to have any 5 figures breakthrough? Even after you’ve bought many courses over and over again… and spent hundreds or thousands of dollars? The reason is simple – most of the gurus are hiding the secrets from you. Gurus want you to keep you buying courses from them! But here’s… Read Article →

Patric Chan teaches affiliate marketing

Join A Coaching Class And Become A Super Affiliate

One of the easiest ways to make money online is through affiliate marketing. The idea is simple. You just promote other people’s products and receive a commission. However, like anything there is much to learn if you want to do it right. There are two ways of building your affiliate marketing business. The slow way through trial and error, or the fast forward way through a coaching class from someone… Read Article →

How Do I Build A Website?

The best way to start building your website is to get some hosting. I use Bluehost as they are very reliable and professional. Sign up for the Plus plan as this will allow you to build as many websites as you want. If you are completely new to site building you could aim to build two sites, the first one as a dummy site to make your mistakes on and… Read Article →

domain names

Choosing A Domain For Your Website

Choose something short that reads well. It is usually best to avoid hyphens as these sometimes don’t look so great. You can run a few words together like as the two words are clearly discernible. There are two factors to consider when choosing a domain. Is it good for SEO and is it good for branding. If you are going the whole SEO route it is useful to put… Read Article →

start your online business

Start Your Online Business Here

This site is here to provide you with help as you grow an online business. You will find info for the complete beginner and for the more advanced Internet marketer. There is a lot of information online on this subject, but much of it is not understandable for the newbie. I hope to be able to explain in simple terms how it all works and what tools to use. Don’t… Read Article →

build website traffic

Website Traffic Basics

Search Engine Optimisation This is a great source of traffic because it is free and once set up the traffic can keep on coming. Although it’s free from a financial standpoint, it’s not free from a time aspect, and of course time means money. For some SEO basics see my post What SEO Do I Do? Paid Adverts You can get advertising for your website from Google Adwords, Bing and… Read Article →

domain name privacy

Should I Buy Domain Name Privacy?

When you buy a domain name for your website you will probably be asked if you want to buy domain privacy for it. Domain name privacy is a service that hides your personal contact details from the public database WHOIS. The public WHOIS database will display all your contact details if you do not purchase this; name, address, email and phone number. Should You Buy Domain Privacy? If you don’t… Read Article →

best seo

What SEO Do I Do?

I’m not keen on going deep into the SEO thing. It’s not what I enjoy. Having said that there are a few things that can be done to get some more traffic from the search engines. Pick An SEO Friendly Website Builder Without going into the tech stuff, some site builders make it difficult for the search engines to read them easily, resulting in poor ratings on the search results…. Read Article →